Sport Fields

Sport Field Status

On weekdays, the City of Wadsworth Parks Department makes a determination as to whether or not to close each field by 3:30 p.m. Though the Parks Department also sometimes makes the decision to close fields on weekends, generally, after 3:30 and until game time - and on weekends and holidays - coaches and commissioners will make that determination. Once game time rolls around, umpires are responsible for deciding the suitability of playing on the field. At all times, no field should be used should it jeopardize the safety of players.

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Ballfield Calendar

The links below show the current schedule for all of the City of Wadsworth Ballfields.

Requesting Time

League Officials are able request ballfield times online (login required).

Individuals or community groups wishing to reserve the use of a ballfield should contact Kathy Stugmyer at 330-335-2708.

Field Use Guidelines

League Teams should contact their commissioners regarding field use. The Field Use Policy and Procedure guidelines (PDF) apply to all.

Other Sport Fields