Important Income Tax Collection Information





UPDATE 1/23/17: 


If you have received a bill from RITA, you can pay your bill by calling RITA at 800.860.7482, by mailing a check or money order to RITA, or BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO RITA ONLY at the Income Tax Office in City Hall. Please note: we are no longer receipting cash or debit/credit card payments in the Income Tax Office. You can also pay your bill by creating an account at the RITA website ( If you have previously established an account, you may need to change your password when you try to log in. 


If you need assistance understanding what your bill is for, please contact RITA at 800.860.7482, or call our Income Tax Officer at 330.335.2745.


Please note: The State of Ohio changed the due date and threshold for estimated taxes. Your final estimated tax is due by December 15 each year. Also, if your estimated tax for the year is less than $200, you are not required to pay estimates. You can just pay your balance due when you file your annual return.


We are pleased to still be providing assistance with local tax returns at the Finance Office in City Hall. This service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unable to come in during our normal business hours, RITA will be onsite one time only during tax season, on Saturday, April 1 from 9 am - 4 pm. Also, any resident of a RITA member community can go to any RITA site for assistance with their taxes. So if you work near one of the sites where RITA either regularly provides assistance or it is a special assistance day, you can take your tax information in and receive assistance with your Wadsworth taxes. Please contact RITA regarding their assistance at 1.800.860.7482.


Thank you,

Catherine C. Fix, CPA


City of Wadsworth